Friday, September 11, 2009

Agonizing Decision

After much thought, I've decided to skip Nano this year. I did it last year for the first time, and I loved the rush, the determination, and of course the elation of finishing successfully. In fact, I have the fruits of last year's NaNo on submission, currently.

Good times. But now, I've had to make a hard choice. I need to write the sequel to the story, and I've already written 20K on it. So, I wouldn't be completely honest if I started writing the story for NaNo. In fact, it would be cheating.

I loved my NaNo experience, and would do it again in a heartbeat, but at this point I need to get the sequel written, and that is my primary focus. So, I've given myself a December 1st deadline to get the story's bare bones written out, and that seems to be a good starting point.

Don't hate me because I'm not NaNoing!

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  1. I think for where you are right now in your work, it's a good choice. I get terribly annoyed with people who say, "Well, I"m doing Nano, but I'm not following the rules and I'm rewriting/continuing on a project/whatever."

    That's not Nano.

    The point of Nano is to vomit out 50K in 30 days on a new project, and get moving.

    If you're got a new project boiling and demanding attention, it's great to ride that energy and write quickly in community.

    If you're in the middle of a project, it makes much more sense to skip it and listen to the project's natural rhythm and go with that.

    You're made a smart AND professional decision, and I applaud you.