Friday, January 8, 2010

I Did it!!

I grabbed my mini before bed last night and edited! My EMMA story has been pulling at me...a LOT lately, and I sat down and read. I love the beginning. I am TOTALLY in LOVE with it. But after the beginning, it sinks like a sad souffle.

So, I started editing, and found myself taking a whole new direction. Now that I'm telling the whole thing from Emma's POV, it's difficult. She's only thirteen, so I have to sound like a thirteen-year old. I can't be all "clever" and "observant" because most teens just aren't like that. Well, Emma is a genius-level kid, so I guess I can get away with a few things, but for the most part, she says "kinda" and "pretty" and "I guess" a lot. I mean, she's a TEEN. They have their own language and vocal patterns. It's CRAZY.

But I'm proud I did it. Now I'm itching to do more. And I will. Tonight!


  1. Feels great, doesn't it? Don't loose your momentum.