Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Three In, Three Out.

I sort of have an "unspoken rule" about queries. I only do three at a time. Three is doable, for me. I noticed last night I'd received responses from my last batch of queries, so, I sent out three more this morning. Well, early this morning, because I couldn't sleep. (Yes. That is the VERY LAST time I take Excedrin before bed. I keep forgetting the copious amounts of caffeine it contains!!)

Some people are comfortable with sending out mass-queries. A sort of "shotgun approach" if you will. Some prefer to query one agent at a time, and wait until they've received the rejection before querying another. I can't do that. I'm not hard-wired to be THAT patient. ;-) So, three is my magic number. Because sometimes good (not all bad) things happen in threes. Where else did the saying "Third Time's the Charm" come from?


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