Monday, January 7, 2013

Let the (Writing) Games Begin!!

I am writing a new novel. I have outlined it, start-to-finish, and I have a clear road map to write, but I'm in full research mode.

It's been tedious work, but the reward has been huge. I now have a composition notebook (with tabs) where I can look up all the references I need if I'm writing somewhere offline and need to look something up. It's all "organized" into one space. Now I just need to WRITE the durn thing! Research usually precludes the writing, because I can't write until I have all the facts. I guess that's just the way I'm wired. 

Can I say I LOVE Google for research? I will by typing along, caught up in the atmosphere, but then I will hit a snag where I'm not sure the direction I'm taking is historically accurate. I pop onto Google, do a quick fact-check, and back to the story I go! LOVE IT.

I have a lot of writing goals this year. Write this novel, edit it and submit it, then I need to edit two other novels and submit them to agents. I have a few mainstream novels I have written that I'd like to see on bookshelves as well, but obviously that depends on whether a butterfly flaps its wings in Cairo or a dog barks in Namibia more than four times...right? (It seems there is no formula these days, agents are so unpredictable!) We will see what happens as 2013 plays out! I definitely have hope.

Back to researching! Well, after the 958476 things I have to do today. Maybe tonight... 

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