Monday, October 3, 2011

The Post-Novel Completion Void.

I'm experiencing a loss. I've been living in this world of mine, and the lives of my characters, for the last month solid, as I completed my YA urban fantasy and edited it. Edits are complete, I'm now shipping it off to my CP and Beta reader, and I feel a sort of...void. It feels weird to not sit down at the computer and pull up the story. It feels weird to not submerse myself in my heroine's world any more.

Time to write the sequel! ;-)

I suppose I should start it, since it's fresh in my mind, and the story will continue linearly, but I think I need to take a small break. For about a week. Then I will sharpen the pencils, dust off the keyboard, and pick up again. For now, I'll just have to occupy my spare time with other things.

It's funny, I get attached to my characters like they're real people sometimes. I care about them. They are, after all, my kids. I have to help them along the way, help them grow. Some of them are malleable, some of them are broken, and I can't fix them, so I don't try. I just let them be. But I like them all the same. And I miss them when our time together is over.

I wonder if I'll last the week?

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