Thursday, February 16, 2012

YA Time Travel?

Time Travel is a HUGELY popular thing in Adult fiction and Romance novels. So much so, I am wondering why it hasn't crossed over into YA and Middle Grade.

Am I crazy? Am I missing something?

Everything in the bookstores (virtual and brick) nowadays is supernatural creatures and dystopian societies. Dark, gritty, graphic. These are the books I see. What if someone happened to write a book that was dark, gritty and graphic, and contained Time Travel?

Teens and twenty-somethings still love good escape reads. I don't believe they don't for one second. Why else would they read? I would think they'd eat up a good Time Travel novel as long as it had the appropriate "dark" elements.

In my opinion, Vampires and Werewolves are overdone. Witches are overdone. Dystopian tales are overdone. Time Travel is fresh and new. Time Travel needs a chance! It's unexplored territory. Historical fiction is fine, but to have an urban fantasy with Time Travel? I would so be in.

Now to get an AGENT to feel that way...that's another matter...


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