Monday, June 8, 2009

I HAVE to write.

A fellow writer posed this question on a writing forum I frequent: "Why do you write? Do you do it because you have to, or want to?"

I thought about that. Truth is, I am compelled to write. It's a great outlet for me, because things get awful crowded in this brain of mine, and getting them out onto paper (or into a computer) helps relieve the tension. I don't technically "have" to write, because my husband supports our family very well, but at the same time, I HAVE to write, because it's just my nature.

I get grumpy when I'm in a writing lull. Or if Life gets in the way (as it does sometimes) and since I'm not on a deadline, the writing suffers. Sometimes it gets ignored for weeks, or even months.

Not lately, of course. Ever since I decided to "get serious" about getting an agent again, I've been writing/editing pretty steadily. Ever since I completed my first NaNo last year. That's when my writing turned a corner.

Hubby still sees it as a "hobby." He's very supportive, but until I start making some money with it, he will only see it as such. I can't blame him. I have a full-time job at home, with four very busy kids, and a house that unfortunately, doesn't clean itself. And I'm not super awesome at balancing the writing and my stay-home duties. (insert sheepish grin, here)

But writing is just as much a part of me as, hair or my big toe. I need to do it. Even if I never get published, I'll always write. (Okay, that sounds really pathetic!) But I will.


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  1. You have to treat it like a second job until it's your only job. That's how you start earning money at it. YOu have to be ruthless about your scheduled time.