Monday, March 29, 2010


I set a goal for myself. Just a little one, but a worthy one. I've been converting my EMMA story from Third person POV to First. I know. VERY tedious. But I've been working my way through it these past couple of weeks. Saturday night I realized I was halfway through, and I decided to just GET IT DONE, by last night. I set a goal.

And guess what I did, at exactly 11:52 pm last night? I finished the transition! It's done! WOO!

Now it's time for another goal. I need to go page by page, paragraph by paragraph, and make it SOUND like we're in the head of a 14-year old. A precocious, brainiac 14-year old, mind you, but still, she isn't perfect. She talks like a 14-year old sometimes. She acts like a 14-year old. And she definitely whines like one. ;-)

But she's funny. And spunky. And things happen to her, that make her grow. Isn't that always how the character goes? Flawed character+opposition=growth. I know, I'm being very formulaic, but I'm writing for KIDS. They're a little more forgiving. Just a little.

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