Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Being Sneaky About It.

I think my friend Brenda has already mastered the art of "sneaky" writing--as in, wherever you go (sports practice, etc.) you whip out that keyboard and start hammering away. My Alphasmart has become my buddy--I take him with me everywhere. I like the Alphasmart vs a Mini, because I'm not tempted to surf the Web. I just WRITE.

So, when I live in my car, I can turn it into Writing Time. While I'm grabbing lunch, I'll park myself in front of the computer and get some words in. Waiting for a load of wash or dishes? That's worth 30 minutes at least!

I guess I really REALLY want to get this story out, so I'm being creative about it. Usually I can't fit the writing in, but this time, I am compelled to at least get 1K in a day, preferably 2K.

I WILL make the June 1st deadline! I WILL! I'm almost halfway there!!!

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