Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cold Feet.

I'm gettin' em. In a BIG way. Massive bock-bock-chicken-itis. NaNo is in three days, and I haven't had time to get ready for it. Because Halloween is rapidly approaching, and I'm stuck with...stuff going on. AND we had swine flu at our house.

Everyone seems healthy now, but we're not doing the homemade cookies this year (because I don't think all the people who knew we had swine flu would want cookies from us, ha ha) so that will be one less thing I have to do.

BUT, I was supposed to do massive research. And I find I've been researching other things. I'm getting pulled in another direction, which is exactly what happened to me last year. Right before NaNo, the story I was set to write faded away to the background, and FAIRIES became the hot topic in my brain.

I'm sticking with my original story. It has the most potential. It's weird and different from the stuff that's out there. THAT'S why I need to write it! To get it out of my system!


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  1. Concentrate on character and motivation. You can fill in research later.