Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Would I Be A Traitor If...

...I got a Kindle?

I can see how other writers might shun e-reading devices, because it's been said the e-reader would usher in the age of "No More Paper Books" or something like that.

Folks, it's happening, whether we like it or not. And it's so much more...economical. Books take up space. Digital books...don't.

Hubby has been talking about a Kindle, and I'm going to get him one for Christmas. (There's method to my madness--he is interested in the e-reader Apple is supposedly coming out with soon, so when it does, he can get that one and the Kindle will be MINE, ha ha!)

My reasoning? I love to read, and I hate reading heavy hardbound books. Because I do like to buy them when they're first out, and those hardbound books can be cumbersome to handle. Not to mention they take up a lot of space. But a digital version, (which also COSTS less!) stored safely in my own "e-library" that I could read any time I want, and not have to search for it or worry about it attibuting to clutter or my sagging bookshelves...well...that seems worth it to me.

I've heard a lot of writers who are against the e-readers because they like the feel of a book in their hands. The smell of it. I like that too. Someday, when I get a book out there I'd like to have my own book in my hands, just to caress it and fondle it, you know?

Libraries are already almost obsolete. Because of Google and Bing and the Internet, libraries really are just places people go to "use the computers" or do things old school. Why would I drag myself to a library and spend time looking for books I might not even be able to check out (because they'd probably be reference) and copy notes down, when I can find out everything I need online, in the comfort of my own home?

So, since I'm rapidly going from "old school" to "complete digitilization," is that bad? I think my generation will feel guilt, but my kids' kids won't. They probably won't even know what a book is. So, no guilt, or lamentation over the "old school" ways.

Wow. Food for thought.


  1. Books and libraries WON"T become obsolete, and certainly not because you're flexible enough to move between both. You want one? Get one.

  2. Books will never go away. At least not in our lifetime. I love the idea of a Kindle. There's nothing wrong with having one and you're not a traitor. I'm a gadget girl so I'm frothing at the mouth to get one. :D And I still love books. Real ones.