Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NaNo: A Kick in the Butt?

I'm in a writing funk lately. As I've proclaimed many a time before, I'm NOT a good balancer. If I do all the domestic stuff I'm supposed to do, I don't find time to write. When I'm "in the writing zone" the house is chaos and everything falls to the wayside.

Not a good thing. So, lately, since I still suck at juggling acts, I haven't been writing. Except in my head. Although last night I dusted off one of my stories I was gung ho about several years back. Like, about SEVEN years back. It's set in Victorian-era England, and it's like Oliver meets Harry Potter meets The Screwtape Letters. Okay, that sounds dumb, but it's close.

I have ZERO written on it, just a few paragraphs. But I have a whole filebox of research, and a plot outline. So, where is this all going?

NaNo. National Novel Writing Month. As in, in a couple of weeks. I could do it. I swore I wouldn't. But I need to get myself writing. I need a kick in the butt. Nothing like a good ol' challenge to get me going, eh?

I am considering it. I think I might NaNo this year, after all. I need to figure it out. And soon.

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