Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Black Hole of Editland...

That sounds like a great story title! ;-)

Except it's the literal truth. I get sucked into a "black hole" when I edit. I'm reading and tweaking at the same time, and I block out noise, kids, everything. It's a gift, really. I can block out pretty much anything. Much to the chagrin of my kids...

I accomplished quite a bit yesterday. On the Writing front, that is. Not so great on the domestic front. That's where I need to learn to balance. I am horrible at it. If I go all domestic, the writing suffers. If I write, the family/home/responsibilities suffer. Because I don't do stuff halfway. I focus on one thing wholly, and everything else falls to the wayside.

It's a glitch, I know. I need to figure out how to BALANCE my responsibilities.

My husband said something to me that really resonated with me the other day. He was encouraging me in my story, and he said "I think it's great that you are doing it. You obviously like to do it, and it brings you satisfaction. I think it's a great hobby for you to have."

I guess the word "hobby" sort of got me--I'd rather it be a career, one day. Although pitiful amounts of writers really ever do make writing their career. I can't remember the percentage, but it's low. A lot of writers write as a "hobby," just like me. They don't quit their day jobs.

I know writers who write for a living. Most of the writers I know, however, work for a living and write on the side. It's a tough business. Unless you have the time and stamina to devote to it, (and the SUCCESS, which is a whole other can of worms) you will always be a "Hobby" writer.

Getting ready to enter the black hole, now. Perhaps...someday, things will change?

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