Monday, May 11, 2009

"A Good Writer Writes Makes Time to Write Every Day."

That's the best advice I got in college. All my courses seem to blur together, but my one Journalism class I took--I remember the first day, the professor told us we were WRITERS. And a good writer finds time EVERY day, to write.

That really stuck with me. So, in the spirit of attempting to be a good writer (and since it's good practice) I have attempted to write, every day. Whether it's a journal, a blog, a wip, as long as I devote some time each day to writing, it's all good.

What I love about Writing, is it's not a stagnant thing. Writing grows, it matures, it only gets better with age and practice. Every writer knows this, because every writer at one time or another has pulled out a piece they wrote in their earlier years (in some cases MONTHS) and read through it and cringe.

Did I really write this? It's awful! Or at least, it's not as "good" as what I write now!

We are sponges. We absorb what we read, see, hear, and we implement it in our writing. One good book can change our whole perspective. We are sentient beings. Times ten!

I only feel accomplished each day, if I write something. And that's the honest truth. I really feel it, when I don't.

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  1. Yeah, writing becomes part of your soul, and it grows with your soul. So you feel it when you don't tend it.