Friday, May 1, 2009

Time For a Change!

I'm not new to this business. Rather, I'm "new" as in I'm unpublished, but I'm not new to the "Acquiring-An-Agent-And-Trying-To-Sell-A-Manuscript" thing. I had a fantastic agent a few years ago, but we parted ways because I wasn't serious enough about the Writing business. (*insert where Lara kicks herself in the head*)

I had written a story, yes, but I wasn't willing to write others. I let other stuff get in the way. So, I'll admit, it was my fault we parted ways. He was super nice about it, and at the time, I was ready to be done with writing for a while... but the itch to write wouldn't let me go.

Over the last few years, I have written. And written some more. And now I'm ready to stop sitting on my (work) and try for an agent again!

I just sent my first (snail mail) query to the top agent on my list. It's probably sitting in her query slush pile right now. Hopefully, her assistant or under assistant or whoever she has reading them will like my idea. I guess we'll see!


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  1. You'll never know until the queries go out, right? Best of luck!