Sunday, January 9, 2011

The FUN Part...

The cool thing about making up a whole world? YOU are the creator. You don't have to research, you just need to come up with cool names for everything. (and then Google them, to make sure someone hasn't beaten you to the punch--a handy little trick I use!)

I have writer friends who HATE research. They truly loathe it. Research is actually FUN for me. Since I write some historical fiction, the research happens way before the writing. During the writing. After the writing. I like my stuff to be accurate. Some people hate research so much, they choose to just "make stuff up."

Careful, I say. Because there is a hitch to creating your own world. You have to REMEMBER all the stuff you make up. Keep lists and time lines and glossaries. Because you run the risk of A) not making sense and alienating your readers and B) going against your own canon and alienating your readers.

So, I am making lists, and writing down everything I "make up." Because I don't want to fall into that trap.

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