Monday, January 17, 2011


I am literally foaming at the mouth, hands itching and major ANTS IN THE PANTS to get SHADOWFEVER in my hands!!!

I haven't felt this way about a book release, since DEATHLY HALLOWS. Seriously. I loaned all my FEVER books to a friend last night, and knowing her, she'll read them all in a week, and guess what? She'll be able to just GET the last and final book--which was not a luxury I had. I had to wait a whole year! UGH! As did my dear friend, Mik, who got me into the books in the first place. :-)

So, all my questions will finally be answered! Who did Mac kill at the end of Book Four? Who was the "Fourth" who kept himself hidden? What the HECK was the LM's role in her sister's death/life, etc.???
Where in the hell is V'Lane??? And my yummy Christian MacKeltar (who I actually like BETTER for Mac than Jericho Barrons, SACRILEGE, I KNOW!)--where the heck is HE stuck?

Itchy Itchy.

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  1. *itches along side you* And on a funny note, my captcha word was "relief" LOL