Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Well, not for ME, not yet. Shadowfever is out today, and if I wanted to, I could stroll down to the nearest store and just BUY a copy, but no, I pre-ordered it through Amazon. And like every book I've ever ordered from Amazon, I selected "regular" shipping. Because I've always gotten the book on release day, no matter WHAT shipping I selected. I guess Amazon caught on to this, because NOW, I have to wait an extra day. My book isn't coming today, it's coming TOMORROW. I have to wait a whole 24 hours longer than everyone else.

Which really stinks. So, don't say anything! No spoilers! I'm going to stay offline and read read read read once I get it, and only THEN will I feel safe to go online again.

I should have just paid the extra $$. I want that book now!!! ;-)

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  1. You're ahead of me. I pre-ordered from B&N and it won't arrive until 1/20. Darn it!!!