Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Long and Short of It.

Got my first rejection the other day. After NINE weeks. Wow, that was a wait! It was a very nice rejection. But still...

So, I immediately queried the next agent on my list. I was hoping SHE wouldn't take nine weeks!

She didn't. She rejected me with a "sorry not for me" in under THREE MINUTES.

Which is fine, because hey, I'd rather not wait so long, right? But, then again, she clearly didn't even read my ten pages I'd pasted into the body of the email, like she'd requested.

Again, at least it was quick. It was just VERY quick.

I guess rejections are better somewhere in the middle? Don't take too long in getting back to me, but at least mull it over a while, right?



  1. You know, I have a feeling all these agents are going to be hitting their heads against a wall in frustration when they realize what they said "wasn't for them". :)

  2. Sorry about the rejection, but at least it was fast.