Friday, January 7, 2011

Tubs and Showers Rock.

Why the cryptic title, you ask?

Because every story idea in my life, except ONE (my first) has hit me while I was either A) in the shower or B) in the tub, soaking away all my worries.

Last night, it was the tub. I was bone-cold and achy because I finally caught my daughter's lovely virus, and I was just sitting in the tub when the idea literally fell out of the sky and splashed right in the water.

Okay, it didn't happen THAT dramatically, but I've spent this morning outlining the story (as dictated by my sweet-as-sugar yet feisty heroine) and I'm typing out my thoughts while making a batch of my cranberry cake muffins.

I have something to keep me busy between submissions! Woo hoo!

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